Students from the Budapest University of Technology and Economics did come up with a new system which is capable of offering automated verification of proper hand washing, which would come in handy for surgeons before they head off to the operating theater. After all, while clinicians may wash their hands very often, there is always a better way to do things and the Stery-Hand system might just be the next revolutionary step. This dark box comes with a digital camera and UV lighting which will detect where UV-reflective disinfectant was used, letting one see qualitative results over a laptop. Having picked up first place at the European Innovact Campus Awards 2011, you can tell whether your hand is thoroughly clean or not through the color code, with red meaning not treated, while blue is a pass and green is excellent. We expect to see Stery-Hand appear in medical institutions, educational centers, public health care and the food industry in the near future – and that’s only the start.

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