Stery Hand makes sure you wash your hands properlyWhen you wash your hands, how do you know if your hands are clean enough? Most of the time you don’t really know. A test would be to eat food using your bare hands and see if you get sick the next day – other than that, there’s really not much you can do. Well, some students from the Budapest University of Technology and Economics have come up with a way to determine if you’ve watched your hands properly. Called the Stery-Hand, it is basically a dark box with digital cameras, UV light and laptop to show you how your hands look under the camera. Users will have to wash their hands with a special UV-reflective disinfectant. After they are done washing their hands, they can see how much they’ve cleaned their hands by scanning them in the machine. Depending on the color intensity: red = not treated, blue = sufficient, green = well treated, you can tell how well they’ve cleaned their hands. Obviously the aim is to hit a green, and folks who don’t achieve it will have to wash their hands again.


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