It has taken several months to hibernate, nay, getting tested in just about all directions under private beta mode, but we are pleased to announce that Storify is launched officially today. This site allows you and I to build and embed our very own storyline of tweets, YouTube clips, Flickr photos as well as different social media elements in a mish mash of media so that you will be able to tell a story that is woven through different elements, resulting in an extremely creative story. For those who have ever tried to do this manually, the case for ease and simplicity offered by Storify cannot be understated.

According to founder Burt Herman , “We have so many real-time streams now, we’re all drowning. So the idea of Storify is to pick out the most important pieces, amplify them and give them context.”

Once you have a Storify account up, all you need to do is drag social media elements into a timeline. You will be able to create your very own context concerning the selected items, and embed it wherever you fancy once you’re done. Originally meant for hard news, Storify is now freely available to anyone. We are looking at big name brands and PR companies making full use of the tool eventually.

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