SupaBoy caters to portable SNES lovers

The SNES has had its fair run during its lifetime, taking down the Sega Megadrive in the process although it has some black eyes as well in the form of the bloodless Mortal Kombat, a scenario which caused quite a furore back then amongst gamers. Well, for those who want to relive a sense of nostalgia, here’s the SupaBoy which will target those who want to enjoy SNES titles but without being stuck in the living room all day long.

Hyperkin, a name that is familiar with 3rd party gaming accessories and other retro game devices, has announced the portable SupaBoy SNES console that will play nice with actual SNES cartridges. It comes in the form of a controller, while boasting two controller ports for you and your buddy to share a gaming session on a bus or plane. The rechargeable battery is good for up to 5 hours of gaming with its 3.5″ screen, and if you want to hook it up to a TV, that’s fine with its AV connections. No word on pricing, but it will arrive Stateside later this summer.

We don’t think it will sell too well though, but at least you get to “recycle” those dusty SNES carts…

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