Everyone wants to wear the underwear that Captain Planet wore all those years ago on kids’ TV, with the ‘going green’ fever not exactly slowing down anytime soon. No sir, that is not happening anytime soon, which is also a good thing for the world (and the next generation of kids). TeleNav has just released an infographic that promotes Earth Day by encouraging drivers to actually think about their vehicles’ daily fuel consumption – something that we’ve more or less taken for granted all these years with so called fuel efficient engines under the hood as well as smart parts inside the vehicle itself.

The entire infographic is full of tips and facts about fuel consumption in the US alongside a bunch of technical specifications where the average car is concerned. Now, do take this information with a pinch of salt since you don’t really know what the average car in question is, and the information derived will definitely will be relative. Of course, the whole point of this would be to show the world just how much fuel one can save if every vehicle on the road used Eco-Route – not surprisingly, a feature that was developed by TeleNav for MyFord Touch which attempts to use algorithms and a computer that will determine a driver’s most economic route, and that alone could potentially reduce fuel consumption by up to 15% – of course, if you exercise using the TWEET_FIT, that might help as well in the long run since your car need not carry more weight.

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