Toshiba 7 inch LTPS TFT LCD screen targets vehicle and industrial useToshiba’s Mobile Display division has come up with a new 7″ low-temperature poly-silicon (LTPS) thin-film transistor (TFT) liquid crystal display (LCD) (aren’t those acronyms just a mouthful?) that will target vehicle-mounted and industrial use, bringing to the market multi-touch input on the display screen without having to go through the added installation of a touch panel.

This technology will introduce the integrated touch panel function through the formation of display pixel electrodes and TFT within the LCD panel thanks to LTPS TFT technology, hence resulting in a detecting circuit for electrostatic capacitance changes between the electrodes and the peripheral object.

When compared to conventional LCDs that come with an external touch panel, one will be able to experience a reduced thickness by up to 57%, which places it at around 1mm, while the weight is reduced by 48% to 225 grams with the surface reflection ratio being further reduced by another 10%.

This smaller size will let the design work in more compact products where mobile applications are concerned, further reducing the impact on the environment by saving resources and power, all the while delivering crisp and clear images with minimal reflection of natural light despite being in a bright environment. Image courtesy of Fareastgizmos.

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