White iPhone 4 slightly thicker than black iPhone 4

It looks like Apple’s white iPhone 4 might not be perfect – folks who purchased the white iPhone 4 after its launch yesterday might have noticed that the device is slightly thicker than the original black iPhone 4. It’s barely noticeable when held in the hand as the difference is only about 0.2mm. But if you attempt to attach your favorite, snug-fitting case from your old iPhone 4 to your new white one, it might not fit.

While most cases are quite lenient and can ignore the 0.2mm difference between the two phones, it’s better to be armed with this knowledge now so it won’t surprise you next time when you purchase a white iPhone 4. The extra 0.2mm could possibly be due to the “UV protection” mentioned previously to protect the white plastic. In any case, you should try before you buy just to be safe when it comes to getting a new case for the white iPhone 4. Looks like manufacturers can now come up with even more iPhone 4 cases for the market. Any of you experiencing such problems with your white iPhone 4?

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