We all know just how passionate Italians can be – you can see it in the way they interact with one another, and of course hackers of Italian bloodline aren’t going to let some hard coding pass them by if they have a chance to crack it, right? That’s right – Italian hackers at Windows8italia.com managed to take a much closer and intimate look at their M1 copy of Windows 8, checking out additional clues to what the next big operating system from Microsoft is able to deliver.

Of course, one of the more interesting details uncovered would be the operating system boasting of a sensor API that is capable of detecting human presence in front of it – which at the moment, we would safely say that the device will accept camera input at the very least, otherwise how else would it know you’re right smack in front of it? Perhaps it might even be tweaked in due time to include face recognition such as how the Kinect works at the moment. 

In a slide that was leaked earlier, it did point towards Windows 8 letting users log on and switch user depending on facial recognition. It appears this may very well be one of those experimental features that might eventually end up in the final product. At least there isn’t any more passwords to remember if this tech takes off in a big way, just make sure your face doesn’t get disfigured if you’re feeling suicidal on the freeway the next time around.

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