Xbox Live to offer free to play games?The rumor mills are churning yet again, and this time we have what some deem to be trusted sources that Microsoft will soon make available free-to-play games over at Xbox Live.To put it in a nutshell, this means that gamers are able to enjoy the games for free, albeit having the ability too to purchase virtual content such as currency, weapons and clothes among others in a manner that is not too different from that of popular Facebook games including MafiaWars and CityVille. F2P (Free To Play) could be the next big thing in the casual gaming world, what with 800lbs publishers such as Electronic Arts testing out this model on titles such as Battlefield Play4Free (which is still in beta, btw). Right now, this remains a rumor, but if it could be pulled off, do you think that Microsoft will make a whole lot of dough from it in the process?

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