Ad supported Amazon Kindle is the best selling Kindle

According to Amazon’s best-selling list, it looks like the ad-supported version of the WiF- only Kindle is the best-selling variant of the Kindle right now. Topping off the chart at number one, who would’ve thought that the eBook reader would be such a hit, despite entering the market later than the other two ad-free versions? Well that’s if Amazon’s best-selling list is to be trusted, but even then it can’t be too far off from the truth right?

Judging from this, we can learn a few things: people don’t mind saving $25 bucks if it means having some ads on their book reader. To some people that $25 means a lot: it’s the price of a few new books. It also shows that Amazon’s ad system has been pretty well implemented. After all, the ads don’t interrupt the reading experience and only show up on the home screen and screensaver but never inside the book. Which I think people can live with.

Well with rumors of a Kindle successor in the works, we can expect these variants to drop in prices even more, driving up sales before they get replaced. How many of you have the ad-supported Kindle, and what do you think of it?

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