Amazon has started to support streaming music from its web-based Cloud Player to iOS devices, and it is by no means an insignificant move – after all, Apple is also tipped to deliver a rather similar service, where it will more or less do the same thing save for going through a slightly different route as it will be a cloud-based version of iTunes instead.


To date, Amazon did roll out a Cloud Player app for Android, and the latest iOS compatible version will function only via the Mobile Safari browser, making it less than ideal or convenient compared to a streamlined mobile application. Hey, beggars can’t be choosers, right, but it might just prove to be decisive where its uptake is concerned since the added inconvenience could turn people away from it. 

While making an iOS version of the app is a no brainer, it is rather strange that Amazon has remained quiet about the whole situation, and considering Apple’s plans to migrate its content business to the cloud, who are we to say that Apple will approve the Amazon Cloud Player app over at the App Store?

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