now sells more Kindle books than print booksIf we need any proof about the success of eBooks, Amazon’s latest sales figures are a good judgment of how well they’ve been doing. Amazon started selling both hardcover books and paperbacks in 1995. In 2007, they introduced the Kindle and started selling books for the eReader. In July 2010, sales of Kindle books finally surpassed the sales of hardcover books. And now, 6 months later, Kindle books also outsell paperback books and are now the most popular format on Four years after the Kindle was introduced, Amazon now sells more Kindle books than print books, both hardcover and paperback combined.

It looks like Amazon’s work in the eBook industry has finally paid off, and it shows that people do care about the environment. While eBooks, eReaders and tablets still have a long way to go before they replace the “magical” feeling you get from a good ol’ fashioned paperback novel, people are willing to give that up for a greener future.

No word on how other eBook stores are doing in their sales of eBooks, but if Amazon is any indication of success, it shouldn’t be too long before other companies announce the good news too. How many of you still purchase print books? What’s stopping you from making the change to eBooks?

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