Amazon Kindle 3G joins the price warIs there a price war brewing among e-book reader manufacturers? Perhaps, what with the new Nook Simple Touch Reader being introduced today at a $139 price point, so what is Amazon supposed to do? They decided to hit back, and hit back hard – the Amazon Kindle 3G is now on offer at $164, dropping from the original $190 price point, letting you enjoy both Wi-Fi and 3G connectivity that the new Nook lacks. Of course, this new version is cheaper because it comes with advertisements, but that is a small price to pay since you can spare the time to let those ads pass, right?

For those who want something that is more on par with the Nook Simple Touch Reader (as in Wi-Fi only) can pick up the $114 model, making competition tougher. Both models are readily available, and just in case you were hiding in some cave somewhere over the past year, the Kindle e-book readers are formidable devices in their own right with a paper-like Pearl electronic ink display that doesn’t deliver glare even in bright sunlight, a lightweight 8.7 ounce body, up to 2 months of battery life, and the venerable Kindle Store that holds more than 950,000 books. [Press Release]

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