Apple closing in on Nokias as top smartphone maker

Despite all the hate (and love) for the iPhone, you gotta admit one thing – it sells. And it sells very well. According to a recent report released by the IDC, it looks like Apple is closing the gap between them and the number one smartphone manufacturer in the world, Nokia. The Cupertino-based company has overtaken RIM (pioneers of the smartphone) to take the runner up position behind the Finnish giants.

The entire smartphone market grew 79.7% this year and believe it or not, a large number of those phones sold were the Apple iPhone. While Apple only grew a meager 3% from their market share last year in the same time period, Nokia managed to lose 14.4% despite shipping more phones than they did a year ago. Now Apple is only 6 million units behind Nokia to claim the number one position for smartphone market share domination.

It’s hard to believe a company that entered the mobile phone scene only several years ago is on the way to overtake a company that’s been in the business for a much longer time. But then again, in the world of modern technology, anything can happen. Let’s see if Nokia’s partnership with Microsoft can pull them out of their sinking ship, or a hopeless cause.

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