Apple Store 2.0 goes live Down UnderApple Store 2.0 is now live and kicking for those of you living in Australia – and it does bring to the table what many have already speculated concerning Apple’s plans of celebrating their 10th anniversary of retail, letting the Apple Store 2.0 experience up the ante further as iPads see action in the displaying of product information and prices, comparison of features between different products as well as the ability for you to ask for a specialist’s help. There is a new store-specific application (at least in Australia) which is quite hard to tell whether it is a native app, a Web app or something else entirely, that can be used to list features, compare, call for support and as Apple hopes, turn more walk-in prospective customers into new Mac followers. 

How else do you think Apple Stores will evolve a decade from now? Do you think that dropping by an Apple Store helped you make a purchase decision back in the days where you were undecided on what to bring home?

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