Another day, another 3D notebook – it seems that this trend is not going to stop anytime soon, and hardware manufacturers are more than willing to make sure they will milk the 3D bandwagon for all it is worth. Asus’ latest foray would be the ROG CG8565 gaming system, where it runs on an Intel Sandy Bridge Core i7 processor and has the help of NVIDIA’s GTX 560M graphics card to keep things going at a fast pace without dropping any framerates. What makes it special is its ability to show off 3D images without having you to wear any glasses at all, imagine viewing 2D and 3D images simultaneously in separate windows.

Other hardware specifications include 2GB of dedicated video memory that ought to go a long, long way in delivering adequate mileage, a 10,000rpm hybrid hard-drive with SSD partition in order to reduce boot times, 3DTV Play connectivity, THX and EAX 5.0 3D sound capability.

For old school gamers who loved the turbo button in old computers, there is a dedicated “Level Up” overclock button located right on its fascia, where pressing it will automatically boost performance thanks to Asus’ DIGI+ VRM technology. Sounds like a good time to be a gamer, no?

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