Asus does not only churn out desktops and notebooks, you know, and one of their latest achievements would be the Asus WAVI Xtion that was developed in collaboration with PrimeSense, resulting in the world’s first and only open-source, controller-free gesture-based device for the PC. The WAVI Xtion more or less offers unlimited enjoyment for consumers, letting one upscale what you see on the PC display onto the large screen TV. 

Representing total integration of multimedia, social networking and gaming, the Xtion Browser will let you surf the Internet using hand and body movements for a more interactive experience, now how about that? Apart from that, it can also expand Web content with larger fonts, icons and graphics for livelier navigation moments.

As for the Xtion Portal, that will function as an app store by itself, letting users purchase new games as well as utilities that were specially designed for WAVI Xtion. Social networking can also be experienced in a more intuitive manner in a controller-free environment. EAch purchase of the WAVI Xtion will be accompanied by a game bundle that comprises of MayaFit, Beat Booster, and DanceWall, making us wonder whether this could be the next evolution of Kinect clone systems. [Press Release]

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