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Taking a leaf out of Google’s social search-enhanced results, Bing has upgraded their search engine to include such features as well. Bing now takes into account what your friends on the internet “Like” on Facebook and modifies your search results accordingly. Since you and your friends are bound to think on the same wavelength, and you’re more likely to take your friend’s word instead of some stranger on the internet, Social Search was designed to take advantage of that.

Using the recommendations of friends “Likes” to aid in the search results process, Bing search results that are liked by your friends will have their names at the bottom of the search result, informing you that they clicked like. Instead of having to go through endless results one by one, you now know that there’s a page recommended by your friends, which makes it easier for you to decide which result to click. In addition to helping you with search results, if you search for a location and a Facebook friend of yours lives or has lived in that city – it will let you know, so you know that you can ask him/her for more information if you intend to go there.

Other improvements include the ability to “Like” locations. If you Like a location, every time there’s a Bing deal on flights for you to go there – you will be informed on your Facebook wall with a post update. But hey, if all this Like-ing is too much for you and you don’t feel comfortable sharing your recommendations or location details with your friends, it’s fine – you can choose to opt out of the service. Watch the video for more information or head over to the official Bing blog.

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