If you’re constantly moving your Macbook Pro from your home to the office and back home, you’re probably tired of all the trouble you have to go through plugging and unplugging all your peripheral equipment. Especially if you don’t use wireless equipment – there’s just so much to do. Well, that’s where the Byte-dock from Techne Industries comes in.

This upcoming docking station allows users to plug in all their peripheral equipment such as their keyboard, mice, printers and monitors into the dock. The user then inserts their Macbook Pro into the dock, which hooks up all the appropriate ports onto the laptop without the user having to deal with any troublesome plugging in of individual cables. When they want to remove the Macbook Pro, they can just simply pull it out of the dock, leaving everything else behind.

The Byte-dock doesn’t need any extra cables, works with Macbook Pro models from 2010 onwards, doesn’t require an extra power adapter, and even its Thunderbolt , Ethernet and FireWire ports are accessible from the dock. Each Byte-dock comes with a Thunderbolt-to-HDMI cable and comes with an instruction manual. The Byte-dock will be available in Q3 2011 for $243 (£149.99), head over to the Byte-dock website to sign up your interest now.

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