Decommissioned AK-47 turned into an electric guitar

AK 47 Guitar

What’s the best way to make use of an old decommissioned gun? Sure, it would make a nice trophy or mantelpiece for you to decorate your home, but why not find a way to reuse it instead of letting it collect dust? And that’s what designer César López did with an old, spoilt AK-47 rifle – the turned it into a guitar.

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Called “escopetarras” – a portmanteau of the Spanish words for rifle (escopeta) and guitar (guitarra), it is by far one of the most badass looking ever created. But most importantly, it can carry a tune.

(Un)fortunately, you can’t shoot the audience if they decide to throw bottles at you halfway through your performance. So just in case a crazed fan finds his way backstage and steals your guitar, at you can rest assured that nobody is going to get shot with it. Though it’s probably not advisable for you to take this guitar around with you on world tours; you never know if the instrument will make it through customs smoothly. But for what it’s worth, it sure as hell makes one of the sweetest looking axes I’ve seen in awhile. Watch a video of César López performing with his escopetarras after the break:

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