Ask anyone and they will tell you that they won’t mind having Wolverine’s highly accelerated healing factor as part of their genetic make up – after all, it also saves one hundreds or perhaps thousands each year when it comes to anti-ageing creams, right? Well, too bad mutants of the X-Men calibre in the real world do not exist, so we will just have to rely on advances in modern medicine to make sure that our wounds heal properly. Diabetics will be particularly interested in what we have in store here, so read on after the jump.


The majority of diabetics do suffer from a condition known as venous stasis, where wounds might remain unhealed for up to several years, so if infection does happen to set in, amputation might be a necessary evil. Of course, such wounds can be treated using vacuum-assisted systems, but the equipment itself is expensive and places it out of reach of ordinary folk, and is cumbersome to be carried around everywhere one goes. Salvation comes in the form of an inexpensive new glass nanofiber material that resembles cotton candy, healing venous stasis cases in double quick time – as though a miracle was performed.

Otherwise known as DermaFuse, the material itself is made from borate glass by the Mo-Sci Corporation in Rolla, Missouri. When your wound starts to heal, fibers will be absorbed straight to your body to leave as little scarring results as possible, while doing away with the need for bandages or sutures – now how about that?

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