Some of the tips and tricks that we employ to make sure we find our luggage the moment it rolls off the conveyor belt would be to purchase a color that stands out from the usual sea of black, brown or even red suitcases. Heck, others prefer to tie a brightly colored ribbon for contrast, while even more extreme attempts call for a modified suitcase that will clearly be identified as yours the moment you take a quick glance. With the Easy2Pick Wireless Luggage Finder, life might be a whole lot easier – it was specially designed to tackle such an issue, as this electronic luggage tag will let you tote a wireless transmitter around, letting you do away with a visual search and rely on beeps from the keychain whenever your luggage is within a 20 meter radius of you. 

This $24.95 device comes with a 100 hour battery life – which ought to mean it will last you a long, long time if you don’t do plenty of traveling. Heck, even if you find airports to be your second home, 100 hours is still a long, long time before a battery replacement is required.

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