Eole: concept watch that’s aided by the wind


Everybody is going green now – and people are trying to come up with environmental-friendly versions of all sorts of gadgets right now. While most folks rely on solar power to keep the devices juiced, a designer from France has decided to harness the power of the wind instead with his concept wind energy watch.

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The watch is called the Eole and while it works on a regular battery, it makes use of wind energy to light up its display to show off the time in the dark. When users want to read the time, all they have to do is blow onto the fan on the watch which then spins around to generate just enough electricity to activate the fancy blue lights that show off the time.

While it may not be practical if you don’t want to have to blow into your watch just to find out the time  – it might even make you decide to check the time less. Not to mention if you’re feeling cold, the last thing you want to do is blow. And will a fan on a watch collect dust and require cleaning out like regular PC fans? But hey = if it means looking awesome with this on your wrist, some people don’t seem to mind. Watch a video on how this watch works:

Eole from JulienM on Vimeo.

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