If you happen to be in the F&B business or own a restaurant, then you might be interested in eTab, a self-service solution that enables restaurant and bar patrons to order and pay at their table – doing away with the need for flagging down a waiter and asking for your cheque, courtesy of a digital menu interface on a portable touch-screen computer. This machine will be connected to the restaurant’s wait staff and existing point-of-sale (POS) system wirelessly, with the intention of helping restaurant operators’ profit margins increase while letting patrons control the pacing of their meal and payment timing. Sounds like a spiffy idea, especially when you have plenty of people in your party, all of them who have a history of being generous even when you are the host, as you can use eTab to beat them to the bill – discreetly.

eTab intends to enhance wait staff service, streamline operational efficiencies, increase up-selling and lessen costs and logistical burdens of executing on-premise communications. Since you can now order at your own pace, those orders will be placed and delivered in a quicker manner, but make sure your kitchen would be able to have the necessary staff to handle such a situation, of course.

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