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If you’re a smartphone user (especially if it features a large touchscreen display) you would know how annoying it is to run out of power in all the wrong situations. While fortunately some phones do come with spare batteries, quite a number of mobile devices now feature batteries that aren’t easily replaced. And from that came the need for portable chargers. Although there are quite a number of portable chargers already on the market, Green Powercell Technology has just announced the launch of the ETO portable charging device.

Designed to work for all sorts of device including cellphones, MP3 players, laptops, cameras and portable gaming consoles, the ETO is available in four different models, each one with different capacities. They are – ETO 2000, ETO 3000, ETO 3800 and the ETO Brute that is meant for charging laptops.

The ETO 2000 is a slim model with a rubber finish that provides up to 50 hours usage time for MP3 players, 12 extra hours for regular mobile phones or 4 hours of talk time for smartphones. The ETO 3000 provides 50% more than the 2000 (6 hours for smartphones), and the ETO 3800 gives 25% more than the 3000 (7.5 hours for smartphones).

The ETO Brute is touted to power your laptop for an additional 8 hours, or your netbook for 10. If used for other mobile devices, it has 5 times the power of the ETO 3800, so expect an extra 37.5 hours of talk time on your smartphone.

All models are handheld, light weight with LED charge indicator, auto cut-off feature and overcharging protection circuit. The device automatically cuts off and retains charge for a period of three months when not in use. ETO portable charging devices are CE certified to ensure compliance to international safety standards.

The ETO portable chargers are available now, with prices starting from $54 (Rs 2,450) from online shops and retail outlets. Find out more.

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