F Secure For Mac Features Panic Button

Here, all the network traffic has been blocked

As Mac OS becomes more popular among consumers, another myth is crashing in slow motion: “Macs don’t get malwares and viruses”, and “Mac OS is virus-proof”. Obviously, no OS is anything-proof and for years, Mac users have enjoyed a quiet computer-security life. But they were off the target-list simply because it was not worth the hackers time to target a “market” that was about very small at the time. Today is a different story, and the recent malware issues that some Mac users have experienced are probably a sign of things to come.F-Secure, which was originally an anti-virus, has turned into a more complete solution for PC and Mac computers. In their most recent update, I have noticed a “panic button” that blocks all network traffic (except to the F-Secure site, in case an update is needed). Think of it as an on-demand firewall. I’m not sure how efficient this would be at stopping a threat but at the very least, it could block further data theft until a security savvy person can check things out.


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