The Game Boy camera that you see above is certainly one hardy piece of electronics – who would have thought that in the day and age of PS3s and Xbox 360s, you would find such an old school product being featured? The black and white images that it captures in low resolution had a certain degree of charm to it, but what makes it more interesting is when you throw motion into the mix. Check out what you can do with the Game Boy camera in this apparent mod – connecting it to an original GBA, hook up a GBA TV converter to it as well as a portable media player that has enough storage space (40GB will do), and you will end up with a Game Boy camcorder that is amazing to say the least. 

Capable of having a battery life of up to 50 minutes on a single 9-volt battery, it will shoot video at VGA resolution (320 × 240 pixels). We do wonder what kind of fan video can be conjured with such a mod, and expect to see more and more cool recordings make their way to YouTube in the near future.

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