Gameloft modifies DRM policiesGameloft, one of the biggest names in mobile gaming has been heavily criticized due to its archaic DRM policies. Users who downloaded their games weren’t allowed to easily redownload them in the event that they upgraded their devices. It would involve having to make a call to the customer service which isn’t something a lot of people like to do.

Another problem with Gameloft was that their games weren’t available for purchase on the Android Market – users had to get them from Gameloft’s own store, which was a problem for folks on AT&T as they weren’t allowed to install apps that aren’t from the Market.

Now it looks like things have changed and Gameloft are slowly opening up more, releasing their iron grip over their DRM policies. Users can now find most Gameloft games on the Android Market for easy downloading and updating purposes. Other changes include – the ability to redownload a game if you’ve already purchased it before, so if you happen to get a new device, it’s going to be a hassle-free download process.

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