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When having presentations at the office or in a lecture hall, most of the time you’re limited to having only one projector or one TV. While this is generally sufficient for most presentations, there are times when you’ll need to use more than one source of input (i.e. your laptop and a PlayStation 3 to play Blu-ray discs). Mid-way during the presentation/lecture you’ll need to stop it for awhile while you set up the projector to display the new source.

While this won’t be a problem most of the time, what happens if you need to switch sources back and forth a few times over the course of the presentation? Or if you have more than two input sources to share with the projector? This is where Gefen Gefen A/V Conference Room Processor comes in.

This simple, easy to set up, multiple input A/V switcher-scaler can solve all those problems. All users have to do is plug in all the input sources before hand, as well as the output source. When it’s time to make a switch from one source to another – it’s just a button press away instead of having to disconnect and reconnect cables. Video can also be upscaled to support HDTVs or projectors, and support for up 2.1ch audio is included.

Six audio/video inputs are provided, including: two DVI with digital and analog audio; two component with digital and analog audio; VGA with digital and analog audio; and HDMI. All video sources are connected to the front and back of the Processor, and output in the HDMI format. Users switch between all six inputs using front panel control, RS-232 connection or IR remote. This enables a quick method of source selection and control, ideal for presentation environments.

The Gefen A/V Conference Room Processor is available now for $1,799.00.

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