The world of custom-built PCs have seen some rather impressive designs – like the TRON Lightcycle PC that we looked at last week. Well, ripping it apart (or rather, opening the case carefully) might just reveal in some interesting bits and pieces – case in point, this custom-built PC that sports a Gigabyte Assassin motherboard. The name might sound threatening to the more docile personalities out there, where it functions like any other motherboard, holding your processor, memory while making sure the rest of your components play nice with one another – but it comes with a visual difference. The Assassin motherboard resembles that of a disassembled assault rifle.

The relatively huge heatsinks looked like barrels and a full clip that has “bullets” ready and waiting to be “shot”. Other non-decorative features include eight USB 3.0 ports (yup, you can’t get any more future proof than this) enough space for an i7 processor, support for 4x CrossFire or 3x SLI graphics, an integrated Creative X-Fi chipset, and a built-in Killer NIC E2100 Ethernet card – now that ought to provide you with the optimal lag-free gaming setup. It will cost around $530 to own the Gigabyte Assassin motherboard, and best to use a transparent PC case if you want to show off your latest purchase.

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