Google worked closely with Intel to create ChromebooksOne thing you might notice about Google’s new Chrome OS notebooks (or Chromebooks) is that they run on Intel Atom processors. Google’s choice to use Intel’s processors instead of ARM-based processors is one of the key differences between Chrome OS and Android. While it is unclear what the future for both operating systems is – will we have Chrome phones or Android laptops in the future? Who knows?

But what we do know now is that Google worked closely with Intel to optimize Chrome OS with the Intel Atom processor. Intel even took some key features such as fast boot from their Moblin project that was later renamed MeeGo. Other features such as instant web, 10 second resume from sleep, an always on connection, same experience everywhere and security have been developed by the two companies. Intel has also been stepping up in their mobile processor department, giving the Chromebooks 8-10 hours of active use. With the original Chromebook, the Cr-48 running on Intel Atom processors as well, it’s no surprise Google decided to continue this partnership.

While the whole OS and relying on the cloud is something that regular consumers will have to get used to, Google’s Chromebooks do look quite promising, especially for students, at the $20/month subscription.

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