Cameras nowadays are getting the ability to shoot larger and larger photographs. Earlier this year there was the 80megapixel Phase One IQ180 that went on sale and now, the folks over at Hasselblad have announced their new H4D-200MS camera is now on sale. How large are the images this camera is capable of shooting? How does 200megapixels sound to you?

Announced last September, this camera is based on the company’s older H4D-50MS that was based on the H3DII-39MS that was in development since 2000 – so you know these guys go back a long way. How the H4D-200MS works is that it captures 6 shots at once, and stitches them together to create a 200 megapixel file.

It is designed for studio photographers who need extremely large and detailed photographs with exact color information. Think jewelry, artwork, cars, and other high-end products where there is no room for compromise in image quality. The H4D-200MS is available now for $ 45,592 (32,000 Euro). If you have the H4D-50MS, you have the option of upgrading your camera to the H4D-200MS for just $9,973 (7,000 Euro). Hey, nobody said megapixels come cheap! Find out more.

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