Pilot does insane tricks with a helicopter

Helicopter stunt

If you thought that helicopters can only be agile when they are remote controlled toys, this news report will make you think again. A bored helicopter pilot in Siberia seemed to have run out of things to do and spent his time mastering the helicopter. After reaching a level of mastery that most people can only dream of, he invited a news crew to film him perform some incredible stunts while behind the wheel of a chopper.

In case you were wondering – how much control can one have over a helicopter? Well, this pilot managed to pop open a beer bottle with an opener, balance a cup of water on a spatula, and give a man a clean shave without a single nick – using his helicopter. You would think that the helicopter really is an extension of the pilot’s body. It must be real boring in Siberia, huh? Hit the break to watch this amazing pilot at work:

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