HTC Flyer stylus is not going to come cheapHTC’s upcoming Flyer tablet is looked forward to by certain quarters, and while the device is small enough to hold in the palm of your hand comfortably, does that make it a candidate that is able to challenge Apple’s seemingly untouchable iPad 2? Well, that might be just the case, but with the latest news that the HTC Flyer’s stylus retailing for $80 a pop, we are not too thrilled to say the least with such news. Seriously, $80 is not pocket change for people out there, especially when you take into consideration today’s challenging economic environment, and at that price point, you can already purchase a brand new phone. 

Never mind the fact that the stylus itself is not just a pointer, but rather, packs in its fair bit of electronics within in a manner that is not too different from what Wacom tablets offer, but is it really worth parting with $80?

It would be a real travesty if the HTC Flyer was actually released without a single stylus, and you will need to top up the expected $500 base configuration price point with another eighty buckeroos.

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