The Hyundai Veloster – not many people might have heard about it, but a Advanced Technology Korea has taken it out for a test spin, comparing it to “the vividness of Vitamin C”. Surely that would have raised a heckled eyebrow or two – basically, what the reviewer meant was, it made one “feel a freshness that I haven’t felt before.” I don’t know about that, as taking Vitamin C pills didn’t quite make me feel that refreshed. I digress – the Veloster might have three doors, but it is said to have a “space as large as any other midsized cars.”
Interestingly enough, the start button was located at the center of the center fascia instead of at the side of the steering wheel as with other makes, but we do wonder what happens when a child decides to get mischevious and pushed it while you were driving.

Connectivity options include USB, an iPod port and AUX. Apart from that, it comes with a 7″ LCD display which is used for navigation purposes as well, media support, and DMB capability amongst others.

Most importantly if you have a heart for the environment, it boasts of the Eco Guide function that lets you know how your driving habit is at the moment – if you’re too heavy footed with the accelerator, that means you end up with a lower score. Now this is one high score worth beating!

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