Han Solo Kinect


If you know your Star Wars – or even if you didn’t, I’m sure you would remember Han Solo getting trapped in carbonite in The Empire Strikes Back. Well thanks to the power of the Microsoft Kinect, we too can be frozen albeit on screen instead of in person. Some developers have managed to come up with a way to replicate the effect of being frozen in carbonite with the use of a Kinect. While it isn’t as detailed as the sculptures used in the Star Wars movies, the 3D model render can be exported to a 3D model to be 3D-printed out! So if you’ve ever wanted to have a carbonite mold of yourself – keep an eye out on the program. The developers will be releasing it to the public as open source in the near future.

Hit the break to watch a video of the Kinect Han Solo carbonite program in action. For the Star Wars fanboys, it’s one step closer to getting into Han Solo’s shoes. Now if only someone could make the Chewbacca emulator with the Kinect…

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