Rockstar’s L.A. Noire doesn’t come out in the U.S. until midnight and already the game’s downloadable content (DLC) has been leaked out via a Best Buy flyer that Joystiq obtained. According to the flyer, L.A. Noire‘s DLC will be called “Nicholson Electroplating’ Arson Case” with a special code granted to the first 16 gamers any midnight Best Buy L.A. Noire launch event.

That’s 16 codes per Best Buy store per Xbox 360 and PS3 system. Team Bondi and Rockstar have not announced any DLC for L.A. Noire so the ousting by Best Buy is a bit peculiar. There’s also the matter of why only 16 codes are being handed out. Might it have something to do with the game or are we reading a bit too much into it?

Nevertheless, reviews for L.A. Noire are already turning up all over the web and the general conclusion is that this is a slower-paced game than Rockstar’s Grand Theft Auto series, with a huge emphasis on facial animations and story-driven action. It’s already receiving high marks from most major gaming publications, which is great, as a game like L.A. Noire is attempting to crack the age old question of “are video games a type of art?” From the looks of it, this is one game that blurs the line even more.

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