Lady Gaga has been a force to be reckoned with in the world of music, and she has just rolled out a brand new album known as “Born This Way” – for those who are curious to know what some of the tracks are, you might have heard a song from it before – with Haley Reinhart belting out an unreleased Lady Gaga song a few weeks back on American Idol. Well, this disc is available now in the form of a digital download on Amazon for just $0.99 – not that she needs the money anyways after churning out hit after hit.

This isn’t the first time that Amazon has offered such high discounts such as this, but regardless of how much our dollar has declined over the year, $0.99 is still super cheap no matter how you look at it – even more so when we’re talking about Lady Gaga and not some one-hit wonder who is desperate to move up the sales charts. In fact, back in February, “Born This Way” picked up the title of being the fastest-selling single ever on Apple’s iTunes store worldwide.

If you decide to part with $0.99 on Lady Gaga’s disc, you would also be able to pick up 20GB of Cloud Drive storage from Amazon, which is a blatant (but not illegal) attempt to entice more folks into the Cloud Player market.

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