Is there any value in human waste? We do know that folks in India do use cow dung as a source of fuel to cook their food, but we doubt that anyone would want to use the human equivalent on their stoves – after all, the awful smell would more or less dissipate whatever appetite that you have in the first place, right? UK’s Loowatt system takes a different approach, where it will collect waste straight from the toilet and utilize it to provide you with biogas and fertilizer.


The Loowatt toilet is a waterless contraption and free from chemicals – where it is meant to be used at outdoor events, campsites and other remote locations. All human waste will be sent into what is described as an “odorless” sealed cartridge, where it will incorporate a biodegradable liner. At least once a week, the cartridge will be removed, alongside the liner and its contents being dumped into a nearby anaerobic digester.

The digester relies on microorganisms in an oxygen-free environment, where it will consume the waste and convert it into methane and carbon dioxide gas. Said gas can be used as fuel, where it will also revert back to CO2 and water vapor once you’re done. The idea might take some getting used to at the moment for most families – what is your take on it?

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