Mac Defender malware for Mac OS X evolves into Mac Guard

For those of you who are still waiting for the update from Apple to address the Mac Defender malware issue- bad news: a new variant of Mac Defender has recently surfaced online. Now called “Mac Guard”, the latest incarnation of the malware is more potent than the previous version. It can install itself on your computer without prompting you for an administrator password. But other than that glaring change, it functions the same way as Mac Defender.

Just like most malware, it can be easily avoided through careful usage of the computer. But until Apple releases a fix for the malware, you can take certain steps to protect yourself from Mac Guard. Firstly you should disable your browser from automatically opening files after downloading them. Make sure you run them through a scan if you’re not 100% certain about how safe the files are and never clink links on web pages that look like the Finder window. More information in the Intego press release.

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