Will robots replace humans one of these days at the office? After all, they’re already doing a spiffy job at factories, especially at the assembly line, with robots and machines being far more efficient than humans. But when you are talking about jobs such as being a librarian, will a robot be able to fill in such shoes? Let us take a look at the University of Chicago who invested a cool $81 million into the new Joe and Rika Mansueto Library. Ironically, this library lacks any books on display, since the whole book collection is stashed away underground in a secure 5-story chamber which has enough space for up to 35,000 metal bins. If you are interested in a particular tome that the library carries, you will need to enlist the help of a robot to retrieve said book from the vault. 


The five underground robot cranes are capable of retrieving the book of your choice within minutes, but you will still need a human librarian in the equation as he/she opens the bin in order to get your bar-coded book.

Not only does the robotized storage system help libraries preserve their books better (and no more getting books mixed up in the wrong shelf), it will also help squash activities like cute, nerdy couples making out in between shelves between Biology and Chemistry shelves.

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