News @ Microsoft: Macs are more expensive than PCs

Microsoft has launched its “do the math” page, in which the company shows why it makes more financial sense to buy a PC, save a load and go on a vacation — versus buying a Mac. With hard number on hand and clear side by side specifications to back up its claim, Microsoft wants you to know: the numbers show it, and Windows computers are clearly cheaper than Macs. “Duh”.

First of all, people don’t buy Macs because they think that they’re getting a deal. They either do it because they like the industrial design, or Mac OS and the “Apple Experience” (for better or worse) – none of which a PC can actually offer. I’m a “PC guy”, and frankly it’s not very hard to understand the average Mac buyer psychology.

For instance, Microsoft compares the Macbook Air 11″ (macbook air review) with a couple of $300 Netbooks. Come on, this is a farce. Anyone who has seen a Macbook Air will know that it has nothing to do with a $300 Netbook. In our own test, it is actually one of the best computers, either by performance/$ or performance /Lbs.

Windows 7 is actually pretty good, and Microsoft could probably make a better case for itself by talking about app compatibility, app selection, hardware variety, drivers quality, hardware compatibility, gaming, etc… Instead, they have chosen to attack on pricing, which is probably item #4 on the list of a potential Mac buyer.

Industrial design, battery life, weight often top the list. And guess what? If you look at Microsoft’s own “do the math” page, it shows that Apple often wins in all 3 areas. Ooops. I love working on my Windows 7 machine. In fact, my Macbook Pro and Macbook Air also run on Windows 7 — but Microsoft just doesn’t get it on this one.

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