Microsoft encourages developers to create more expensive appsIt looks like Microsoft is encouraging the developers to create more high quality apps that can fetch a higher price from the Windows Marketplace instead of the free or 99-cent commodities that other app stores seem to offer.

In a recent press briefing, Brandon Watson, director of an apps developer program for Microsoft was quoted as saying, “I’d rather developers sell fewer than a million downloads and get to a million dollars. If we can support a higher price point that’s good for developers.”

Sounds like a good plan – after all, wouldn’t developers like to be paid for what they think their app is worth? If they’re going to charge less than a dollar for an app, they need to know that it’s going to sell very well (i.e. Angry Birds) or they didn’t invest much time into developing it (which is usually not the case).

Any developers out there? Let us know how you usually come up with a price for your apps, it would definitely give us consumers an insight into why apps are priced the way they are.

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