Microsoft is bringing Hole In The Wall to the Xbox 360

For those of you familiar with the game show “Hole In The Wall” where people become human Tetris pieces to fit into a hole in a wall that’s moving towards them? Well, it looks like Microsoft is attempting to translate the game to the Xbox 360 with the help of the Kinect. The folks over at Game Set Watch recently spotted the title “Hole In The Wall” in the German USK rating board. The game will be published by Microsoft and will be arriving on Xbox Live Arcade as a Kinect title.

While it wasn’t mentioned how Microsoft would be recreating the experience, it isn’t hard to think of how the Kinect would be used in this game – a motion controller that can detect human shapes hooked up to an Xbox 360 is pretty much self-explanatory for a game like this. Granted, it would be more fun to take part in the real game, but I guess since you can’t afford to build a moving wall in your home, the Kinect version will do. Hit the break to see what Hole In The Wall/Human Tetris looks like:

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