Microsoft to demonstrate Windows 8 tablet UI at the AllThingsD conference?

If you’re looking forward to a preview of Windows 8, the first version of Windows with an UI built for tablets, the AllThingsD D9 conference next week might be something to look forward to. According to someone familiar with Microsoft’s plans, Microsoft will be unveiling its next-generation tablet UI at that conference.

Called Windows 8, the next generation of Windows is supposed to be Microsoft’s big step into the tablet world. Its previous operating system such as Windows 7 was used in tablets, but has failed to live up to the expectations of most people despite it being a solid choice of operating system for the desktop computer.

If they applied what they learnt from the creation of Metro UI in Windows Phone 7 into Windows 8, it should do well to shut the naysayers up, but if they fail to impress anybody – they could fall further behind in the tablet race. With only about one week to go before the AllThingsD D9 conference, I guess we won’t have to wait long to see whether or not the Windows 8 tablet UI will be making its big debut.

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