You can’t deny the fact that we humans are social creatures at heart, so to communicate with one another over a different platform other than face-to-face meetings is always more welcome than an infrequent letter, and is better than nothing. With the advent of smartphones and social networking, the explosive growth of online communications wherever you are is augmented. Mobli wants to catch this wave, where it offers a “real-time visual media platform comprised of people, subject and location-based channels” on your iPhone, alongside debuting its Website that allows people worldwide to begin sharing their experiences via photos and videos with text.

Mobli intends to capitalize on the Internet and smartphones to develope a new method for you and I to share our experiences with others around the world. Leveraging the power of photo, video and geo-location, Mobli brings a fresh perspective to social networking, shifting the focus away from text and onto a more visual, evocative and interactive experience. Not only that, Mobli will direct attention from the individual to the creation of interest-based communities through the idea of tagging content according to channels.

Have you given it a go already, and how do you find it? [Press Release]

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