Neurowear Necomimi


It’s just another day in Japan, and the people over there have found a way to bring humans one step closer to being anime characters. The folks over at Neurowear have come up with a fashionable headgear called the “necomimi” which is basically two cat ears on a headband. But what makes the necomimi so special is that while it looks like any other headband with a pair of ears on, the ears can move – and it’s not because of the wind or any hidden strings being pulled.

The Neurowear necomimi’s headband is actually a special brain wave sensor. Whenever it detects the wearer concentrating, the ears stand up. When the wearer relaxes – the ears flop down. While it certainly is an interesting concept, it makes you wonder if it’s going to catch on in the future. It’d be interesting to know that you can tell how interested somebody is in something by the state of their ears. Neurowear doesn’t have a price for the necomimi yet, but it plans to get it onto the market by the end of the year, and in the future they also plan to release more brainwave accessories. Watch a video demonstration after the break:

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