AR Tattoo

Setting the standard for Nintendo fanboys all over the world, someone nicknamed cranberryzero recently got himself a tattoo declaring his love for the company and its latest gaming console, the 3DS. And no, it’s not a huge Super Mario on his back, Link’s sword on his chest or the Nintendo logo. He got the design of an AR (augmented reality) card tattooed on his wrist.

Well to be honest, we can’t tell if it’s a real tattoo or the work of some magic markers, but what we do know is that it works. In case you didn’t know, the AR card is used in conjunction with the 3DS’ camera to enable some fun mini-games and cool photographs.

Cranberryzero took some pictures showing a Mii on his arm and even a video of him playing an AR game on his wrist. Pretty cool, if you don’t mind having an AR card on your arm for the rest of your life – but at least it’s something functional. Right? Hit the break to watch a video of the AR tattoo in action:

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