Nintendo Wii 2 sneak peek a fake?A developer who decided to play ninja with the upcoming Nintendo Wii 2 claims to have snagged some spy shots of Nintendo’s next home console, which is being prepared to be released at E3 in a fortnight’s time. The video that you see right after the jump will give you a glimpse of what can be, but people have already come forward to say that it is nothing but a downright fake. What do you think of the video? Do you think it holds any legit claim over being authentic? More in the extended post.

The controller is said to feature a rather generous touchscreen display, where it seems to take a page out of the older GameCube controller’s design, albeit being updated with the latest bells and whistles to reflect its entry into the modern day gaming world. As for the console itself, it does seem to be quite modest looking, being grey overall with a curved up top – perhaps this is an unfinished piece of work as well as an opportunity to throw folks off the trail if they decide to play spy?

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