The Oona project might not appeal to everyone, since some of us value our privacy that we don’t think our gadgets and gizmos should follow us wherever we go, around the clock to boot. The Oona is a design project over at, where it comprises of  three young designers. Of course, it has already raised a cool $49,000 plus with 20 more days to go – achieving nearly fivefold the amount of dough required to get it going – showing just how much people believe in the idea of the Oona. Before we proceed, let us explain just what the Oona offers – it is in essence, a simple, versatile smart phone stand that is constructed from aircraft-grade aluminum. Having being polished and anodized for a strong scratch resistant finish, it will fit most pockets like a charm, and you will hardly know it is there when in use.

Of course, the Oona is a “stand” in name only, but will do much more than that by helping maximize your smartphone’s potential in many different ways. Among them, keeping it in place when you make use of the handset’s GPS navigation capability while driving, or to have it work as a reference device on a white board or refrigerator. Apart from that, you can always mount your smartphone to a tripod to take photos or video, and a simple stand makes viewing your phone on the desk easy peasy. Just how much are you willing to pay for the Oona when it is released?

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